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Community Engagement Programs

Resident Services Assistant

ASU Community Collaborative at the Westward Ho


To offer residents free onsite services that build community and facilitate improvement in multiple dimensions of health and well-being, while offering service-learning experiences for students from more


About the Internship


 Interact with residents to build rapport and engage residents in group socialization and community-building activities
 Assist residents in learning basic computer, tablet, and smart phone use
 Lead group sessions such as art, poetry group, and mindfulness sessions
 Facilitate education sessions promoting life skills and financial literacy
 Assist with planning, organizing, and set-up & breakdown of events
 Conduct outreach to build connections and increase awareness of program services
 Assist with creating flyers and other marketing materials to promote services
 Perform fundraising activities, solicit in-kind donations and funds for program events
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Population Served:

The Westward Ho is home to 300 seniors and/or adults with disabilities (age range: is 27-88) who qualify as low-income according to income limits set by HUD.

Community Need:

Members of the Westward Ho population experience issues of poverty, food insecurity, isolation and loneliness, and difficulty accessing resources in the community.

Community Impact:

Interns play a vital role in allowing the Collaborative to offer relevant programs and services that benefit the population in multiple dimensions of health and well-being. The interns' engagment with residents has an especially important impact on decreasing social isolation among residents and enhancing the sense of community within the population.