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Community Engagement Programs

Residential Activities Facilitator

The Opportunity Tree


To provide quality individualized supports to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in dynamic and innovative environments.



About the Internship


The Residential Activities Facilitator will work with staff and members in one of our group homes (near Shea Blvd and State Route 51) to create and faciliate activites to enrich the lives of the members that AFH serves. 

The Residential Activities Facilitator will focus on two main tasks, but may expand their scope through consultation and guidance from their supervisor. 

During the semester, the intern will be tasked with finding age appropriate activities for the elderly population in the group home.  Activities could include, but are not limited to; integrated activities at senior living facilities, athletic opportunities that are adaptive to keep physical imitations in mind, volunteer opportunities, etc.  Ideally there would be options for both community and in-home activities.  The intern would be tasked with creating satisfaction serveys to assist AFH in ensuring that the activites that are undertaken are interesting, helpful and fun for the members served, as well as creating a booklet to assist future activity planning.

The Residential Activities Facilitator will also be tasked with researching and creating a healthy eating/cooking program for the members that reside in the group home.  Care should be taken to make sure to include recipies for people with diverse dietary needs such as, but not limited to, gluten allergies, low fat, low cholesterol, non dairy, vegetarian/vegan, etc.  A recipe book with cooking instructions that are accessible for the intellectually/developmentally disabled population created during the semester will be shared with other group homes in AFH's network.

Population Served:

Adults with developmental and cognitive disablities, aged 18+.


Community Need:

The Residential Activites Facilitator  would be able to enhance our program in important, meaningful and sustainable ways.  Many of our members have difficulty finding integrated and meaningful opportunities for entertainment, volunteerism and leisure due to social stigma, accessiblity, cost and a wide variety of other issues.  Often times, members that AFH serves have dietary restrictions and habits that are not only unhealthy, but often times are very repetitive.  By encouraging members to become more active in their deitary choices and active in the food making process will help them to be empowered to make healthier choices.


Community Impact:

The activites researched and enacted by the Residential Activities Facilitator will empower our member to become more engaged and integrated in the community at large, not only improving their quality of life due to expanded opportunities, but to also allow for greater exposure for the population in the community.