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Community Engagement Programs

Teacher-facilitator: science/engineering

ASU Solar Engineering Research Center: QESST


Our mission is to advance photovoltaic science, technology and education in order to address one of society’s greatest challenges: sustainably transforming electricity generation to meet the growing more


About the Internship


Support student learning about sustainable solar energy through hands-on activities at QESST outreach events. Help middle school students in an afterschool club working on engineering challenges in collaborative teams. You will ALWAYS be working with experienced teachers and outreach coordinators. 

You may also help create solar energy lessons, identify resources, prepare learning materials, and write up reports related to the outreach events. 

Population Served:

Middle school students in low-income schools in the Phoenix area and/or children and youth at outreach events on ASU campus. 

Community Need:

Help underrepresented students learn about important science and engineering concepts using hands-on activities. 

Foster K-12 grade students interest in a sustainable and cost-effective energy future for the 21st century. 

Support access to science and engineering education for populations of students historically underrepresented in science and engineering through hands-on experiences. 

Community Impact:

Foster youth learning about sustainable energy solutions for the 21st century.  Support opportunities for underrepresented youth to create pathways to science/engineering learning, college, and careers.