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Community Engagement Programs

Service Learning at Thew

Thew Elementary


At Thew, we provide students with a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment that nurtures creativity, leadership and achievement through diverse methods of teaching and focusing on equity more


About the Internship


Interns will be helping teachers in the classroom with various tasks. They may be working one on one with students in reading, math, writing etc. They may also be pulling a small group and practicing reading or math (with specific lesson plans provided). Interns may also be helping teachers with tasks such as making copies, grading, prepping classroom materials or lessons. Interns may also be responsible for helping the parent liaison or other staff coordinate community and school events.

Population Served:

Thew Elementary is located in the heart of Tempe on Apache and River. Our school has about 560 students. We are 64% Hispanic, 16% Black/African American, 7% White, 6% American Indian or Alaskan Native, 6% 2 or more races, 1% Asian, and 1% Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. Our population serves families speaking 14 different languages. We are a 100% free and reduced lunch school.

Community Need:

Thew Elementary has a very high need community. Our parent liaison helps families with needs such as low medical, dental, legal advise, food, clothing, and immigration. As a school community, our students come to school with the stressors of their families difficulties and work hard to learn the skills necessary to be successful learners.

Community Impact:

Interns will have a greater impact on our school community than they will ever imagine. By completing their service learning hours in the classroom, they will form relationships with students and staff, providing a consistent and nurturing school environment. In these relationships they will connect with students and learn not only their interests and hobbies, but also what kinds of strategies help them become more successful in the classroom. For those interns looking into the field of education as a profession they will gain greater knowledge about the profession and classroom experience which will be vital to their future careers.