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Community Engagement Programs

Social Impact Intern

Girl Scouts-Arizona Cactus Pine Council


Girl Scouting Builds Girls Of Courage, Confidence, and Character Who Make the World a Better Place



About the Internship


Come show the world that Girl Scouts is way more than camping and crafts! We want you to be a leader for the underserved girls of our community in partnership with our Social Impact staff. From guiding activities at school programs to creating troops for the juvenile justice system, we are serving all girls everywhere! Work with our staff to connect with girls to provide them with a safe space to discover, connect, and take action. Our curriculum emphasizes learning by doing, collaborative learning, and encourages the girls to be the leaders.

Service Learning Interns' creativity will be welcome, because the primary duty will be to work with staff to prepare and to deliver programs to the communities that we serve. We work to facilitate activities that reflect the girls' interests, and feature themes that have been identified as key needs (ex: confidence building, anti-bullying, etc.). Each intern's leadership opportunities will increase as they learn to facilitate programs. A team player attitude is essential to complete duties and to prepare the activities for the girls to experience.

In the Social Impact department, we have the pleasure of learning from and interacting with girls from all walks of life. Our programs are primary, secondary, and tertiary intervention strategies to help break the inter-general patterns of incarceration, addiction, and family instability. Through our programs, girls develop skills in leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and advocacy. Together, we seek to take action to make the world a better place.

Population Served:

We are currently focused on providing direct support to four underserved populations: Girls of incarcerated parents, refugee families, girls in the foster care system, and girls who are considered at risk of becoming involved in the justice system or who already have a history in the justice system.

Examples of our site locations include schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, transitional housing, community centers, juvenile detention facilities, refugee communities, teen group homes, etc. All of our girls deserve and thrive from the opportunity to have Girl Scouts accessible to them. We currently serve over 1,000 girls per year and can achieve our mission to serve more, with your help!

Community Need:

We are the preeminant leadership development organization for girls in the world. The girls that we serve today will be the leaders of tomorrow! Through our Social Impact programs, students can participate in group mentoring that empowers girls to overcome challenges and to move forward to achieve their goals. Currently we serve over 750 girls throughout the year in various programs. We know that there are so many more girls that do not yet have access to Girl Scouting or the opportunities that we provide. Come work with us to share the Girl Scout Leadership Experience with all girls everywhere!

Community Impact:

By building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place, we will be able to have a positive impact on our community. The experience our girls receive not only provides them with new opportunities for growth and learning but also influences how those girls will impact our community when they are adults. Each girl has so much potential to initiate positive change and we help our girls achieve their goals to make a difference.

For our girls whose families have been influenced by incarceration, our programs are an intervention tool that connects each youth and parent to a caring community that they can trust and feel safe in. Breaking the intergenerational cycle of incarceration, addiction, lower educational attainment, and self sustainability, will impact the community in a positive manner from incarceration to full community integration. When one girl breaks the cycle her entire community benefits.