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Community Engagement Programs

SPARKS Outreach Intern

Access ASU


ASU is committed to serving schools, students and families of Arizona by helping prepare students for the university. At Arizona State University, we break down boundaries of traditional learning. We more


About the Internship


SPARKS Ambassadors promote access to higher education at ASU by inspiring and motivating K-12 students through their personal stories. Help underrepresented students who do not have a tradition of higher education in their family to increase college aspirations and awareness of the educational opportunities available to them through the following opportunities:

ASU SPARKS students offer a Q&A session where middle and high school students are able to ask questions in regards to a college, including the application process, financial aid, selecting a major, and college life. Answers are provided with a student’s perspective by a panel of ASU SPARKS students. A SPARKS student leader will serve as a Moderator for the panel, guiding questions from the audience and introducing new topics for discussion.
Duration            30-45 minutes
Audience           grades k-12

ASU SPARKS students can host an information table at events or venues where this is a high volume of foot traffic. SPARKS students will provide materials about Access ASU programs, ASU, and opportunities for students to engage with ASU in addition to answering questions and sharing their Sun Devil story.
Duration            30-120 minutes
Audience           grades K-12, 50 student minimum

ASU SPARKS members will be asked to participate in several presentations throughout the semester including: General ASU presentation, Transitioning to 9th grade, and Mythbusters presentation.
Duration            30-45 minutes
Audience           grades K-12

The Ask a Sun Devil service allows K-12 students to directly engage in conversation with an ASU SPARKS student. Students, teachers, or parents can submit their questions about college via text: 315-338-4515 or online: A SPARKS student will respond within 48 hours of the message submission.
Audience          grades K-12

Population Served:

K-12 students from Arizona school districts with a focus on first generation students and students from underrepresented groups. 

Fall 2016 SPARKS semester statistics:
482 hours served
7,119 students reached 

Community Need:

The message SPARKS members share with our community is POWERFUL. Every story is unique and gives students a chance to see the different paths traveled to get to the university. We educate our future leaders, students, and change makers so that they, too, can one day help others pursue a higher education.

• One million students a year drop out of high school
• Only 30% of the U.S. adult population has at least a bachelor’s degree

Community Impact:
  • 1% increase in college attainment equals $3.1 billion increase in per capita income in the Phoenix Metro Area
  • Higher output and incomes for the local economy
  • Salary levels:
    • 4-year degree: $52,000
    • 2-year degree: $38,000
    • High school diploma: $30,400
    • No high school diploma: $23,400
  • Lower crime rates
  • Greater and more informed civic participation
  • Improved personal health
  • Charitable giving increases
  • Enhanced social skills
  • Higher probabilities of degree attainment in future generations
  • Consumer choices are more rational and efficient