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Community Engagement Programs

Special Education

Lauren's Institute For Education


"Improving quality of life for people affected by developmental disabilities through specialized, caring and affordable services."



About the Internship


Duties would inlcude direct interaction with the children in the classroom, helping with lesson development and leading small groups to reinforce new skills which are being taught. Participating in preparing educational materials for classroom use.

Population Served:

Lauren's Institute For Education serves children with developmental disabilities. Part of this service includes our Private Academy where we can serve each child as an individual and work towards their specific goals.  The children range in age from 4 - 16 years old.

Community Need:

Raising community awareness for the continued need for private education for children who benefit from an individualized learning program.

Community Impact:

At Lauren's Institute For Education we believe all children deserve to have an individualized education that meets their special needs regardless of financial ability to pay therefore in addtion to community awareness we are always striving to increase our donor base to help those that are in need of supoprt.