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Community Engagement Programs

Adaptive Riding/Community Outreach

Horses Help, Equine Assisted Activities and Learning Center


Horses Help serves the special needs and at risk community by using horses and people to improve quality of life.



About the Internship


Serve the special needs community via adaptive riding, or community gardening/green projects. Choose the position that best suits your interests and skillset.

Volunteers are essential to keep our program running and are the backbone to our center. WIthout our volunteers we would be unable to mount riders and provide them with lessons or therapy. Our AR Instructors are focused on providing quality lessons for riding instruction. While their responsibility centers around engaging lessons and safety for all who are on property, it is important that our volunteers support our Instructors.  You will contribute to that support while learning and refining your leadership skills under the guidance of our Horses Help staff.

ADAPTIVE RIDING CLASS ASSISTANT (all ages: 4 years old - elderly)
This internship takes on more of a leadership role and requires a motivator and facilitator skill set. You will be involved in classes at least one evening per week.  To gain the full experience, you will learn each role as a side walker and coach through participation in the classes.  If you choose to attain the level of horse leader, you will be given opportunities to attend the different trainings provided by our Equine Director.  In addition to being in classes, you will be expected to act as the Instructor's Assistant on their designated night of classes.  Within this, you will work in conjunction with the instructor to manage and direct groups of volunteers, supervise barn and class tasks under the direction of the AR Instructor, set up and prep the arena for classes, supervise that tack is put away and hung correctly, and initiate communication with client parents/guardians. A detailed job description will be given at the time of your interview to assist in writing your goals and objectives.

Go Green projects include community garden/horticulture, recycling, compost project ('Thera Poo!), solar, and rain water harvesting. Duties and Activities may include but are not limited to:

  • organizing and attending meetings for green projects
  • Contacting contractors involved with green projects
  • Planning, implementing, and teaching community green events
  • Maintaining community garden, solar equipment, compost area, and/or rain water collection area.
  • Leading volunteer teams

SPECIAL EVENT OUTREACH DUTIES incorporated into both Adaptive Riding and Go Green Positions
You will assist with marketing, event planning, and off-site event scheduling for Horses Help. Duties May Include:

  • Volunteer organization for off-site events
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing/promotion of events
  • Community outreach to develop relationships
  • Participate in one program class per week
Population Served:

The general community as well as the special-needs youth and adults, military (active, retired and family), and at-risk population (foster-care, adopted youth, low-income).

Community Need:

Horses Help, a premier accredited therapeutic riding center, provides recreational services to the special needs, at-risk youth, and military populations throughout the Phoenix valley.

Horses Help's events help to provide neccessary funding for programs to impact the population served by our organization.  This is accomplished not only through event fundraising but also through our on-site used tack store and through off-site visits to increase public awareness and promote the center.

Tacks Fifth Avenue is our discount tack store that sells gently used or new equipment for a discounted price. All proceeds from the tack store go directly to Horses Help to fund programs.

We frequently take two of our herd members, Luna and Applejack, to off-site events.  Additionally we are looking to develop a program where they visit hospitals and schools.  Both are registered Pet Partner therapy animals.

The Go Green projects help create opportunities to learn about and practice environmental stewardship and will open up a chance for people to experience many different ways to 'go green'.


Community Impact:

Enables Horses Help to have a larger, longer lasting effect on the populations we serve. Go Green projects create awareness of Green opportunities and will also help to maintain Horses Help's sustainable 'Urban Farm Model.'