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Community Engagement Programs

TA / Mentor

Aguilar Elementary School


Aguilar ElementaryFitness of the Mind and Body.We are working on a fitness focus for the school as well as continuing with our desire for students to be successful in their academics.  Students more


About the Internship


Help K-5 students in one of four areas Fitness, Library Skills, Muisc, or Math/Reading:

MATH/READING (Contact Ms. Long)
Work with students primarily in math or reading skills. In-class, one-on-one, or in small groups. You will mentor, assist, facilitate, lead and evaluate. Student groups may include general population, ELL, low SES and other students who are frequently tardy, absent, or struggling with their reading or math abilities.  You will interact with students and observe, teach, and evaluate students' growth. To address reading fluency, accuracy and comprehension, we have daily intervention blocks where students are working one on one or in small groups on their focused reading needs.  We hope to increase the amount of time students are working with adults in order to decrease the amount of time they work on their own as the teachers are pulling small groups. You could be involved in the small group remedial work, work with students at their individual workstations, or support their teacher during instruction.

MUSIC (Contact Ms. Long)
Work with students in our band, choir or orchestra program. Time will also be spend in the general music classroom. Interns will mentor, assist, facilitate, lead and evaluate. Students will include all 5th grade students as well as other grade levels of students participating in music.

LIBRARY SKILLS (Contact Ms. Long)
Work with librarian to plan and implement lessons to students in grades K-5. Help with organizational system within the library. Support Accelerated Reader program. Provide book club opportunities for students. We want to put books in the hands of students as well as build their love of reading.  Many do not have access to books at home or the public library.  Increasing our circulation of books will put more books in the hands of students.

FITNESS FUN (Contact Ms. Wilson)
Provide a positive fitness experience for students. Run with students during morning and lunch recess. Plan activities for students to increase their understanding of fitness and nutrition. Work with PE teacher to implement programs for students and their families. Plan and support Friday Fitness Activities and monthly community events. We have a need for assistance and support in providing fitness and nutritional opportunities for our students and their families. Over 85% of our population are on free/reduced lunch.  Many of our parents work more than one job. This makes it difficult to afford and/or transport students to activites outside of the school day to help their physical fitness.  You may remember playing basketball, baseball, softball, gym classes, karate etc.  We want to provide these opportunites for our students.  We have started with the sport everyone can particpate in and that is running. Having others who appreciate fitness and want to help impact the lives of students, in turn the future, will support our drive to ensure that every student is physically ready for life outside of school.


Population Served:

Aguilar Elementary serves a diverse population of students. Over 65% of our students come from families where English is the second language and parents are not proficient in their English and/or math skills to help with their understanding.  85% of our students are on free/reduced lunch.


Community Need:

Many of our students are dealing with poverty, hunger, poor health, homelessness, and domestic abuse on a daily basis.  We want school to be a safe and healthy place for our students where they can learn to cook on a budget, keep themselves active, and understand how they can help themselves in difficult situations.

Our students want to do their best academically and socially.  Having roles models they can work with, look up to or just talk to helps to build a better community of learners at Aguilar.  We want people on our campus who want to make a lasting impact on the life of a student.

Students need academic and social support.  Many students struggle with the work and often their parents are not avaiable for support.  This will give students an opportunity to work one on one or in small groups with tutors.

We have a community of students who do not have regular access to the public library.  This means they use the school library to support all of their literacy needs.  We have one librarian who provides weekly lessons and checks out books for students.  In a school of 600 students this becomes a challenge. Having others who can help with the lessons, provide organizational support and model good reading habits will help to support the literate community we are building.


Community Impact:

Elementary school children living in poverty or suffering from poor health often face an uphill struggle throughtout their lives.  You can help close this gap by supporting students in their education and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. We want to posivietly impact each student on our campus.  We hope to show them what they can accomplish and how they can be successful in the world outside of school.

We know that literate adults are the ones who have jobs that can support a family.  Help Aguilar build a population of literate and healthy adults who will support us in the future.