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Community Engagement Programs

Tax prep intern

Tempe Community Council


Connecting Those in Need With Those Who Care more



About the Internship


Intern will study the income tax law and help to prepare taxes for low-income clients from February 1st till April 15th on Wednesday, Thursday evenings and Saturdays as available. Interns must pass one or more exams sponsored by the IRS in order to participate in our program.

Population Served:

We generally serve low-income clients in the Tempe area and surrounding cities.

Community Need:

Given the high cost of paying a private preparer to do a family's income taxes and the complexity of returns, our organization will prepare over a thousand returns each year to assist the residents of our community.

Community Impact:

Our clients benefit by receiving all legal credits and income tax refunds that are due to them. This often is a financial boost that helps her clients pay for basic necessities, education, and sometimes put money away in savings.