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Community Engagement Programs

Teacher Assistant

Mesa Public Schools - Booker T. Washington Elementary


The mission of Mesa Public Schools is to develop a highly educated and productive community, one student at a time.



About the Internship


The ASU intern will act as a teacher assistant in my resource classroom.  She will interact in small groups, one to one in the subject areas of reading, written language and mathematics.  She may assist in social stories and supporting students with behavior.

Population Served:

This is a special education resource classroom.  The populations that are serviced in this classroom are students with, Autism, Specific Learning Disabilities, Developmental Delays, Occupational Defiant Disorder, Behavior Disorders, Other Health Impairment,  and Speech and Language Delayed.  Students are in grades K, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th grades.  

Community Need:

Our school community has free and reduced lunch and serves breakfast.  We are a title one school.  Most of our students are bused in to the neighborhood.  Our students come from foster care homes, group homes.  Some students live with other family members other than their parents.  We have few walkers many are bused in to the neighborhood school.

Community Impact:

Many of the students in my classroom struggle in academics, language and socially.  The intern will assist in many varied ways to assist in the instruction process and with individual students.  She will make a difference as she will assist the teacher with more support to her classroom community and its needs.