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Community Engagement Programs

Teacher's Aide/Tutor

Young Disciples Christian Academy


Providing an education program that not only prepares young people for work and college, but teaches them to be others-centered; serving the needy in their community and around the world.


About the Internship


Help low income students with academics, PE, Health/Fitness & Life Skills at a K-10 Christian day school and PK-12 Home School Enrichment Program. Areas we need help with are:

  • Teacher's Aide (all grades)
  • Art Teacher
  • P.E. Teacher
  • Math Tutor
  • Read/Writing Tutor
  • Life Skills Teacher's Aide (Computers, Gardening, Carpentry, Home Ec, Shop, Auto, etc)
  • Science Tutor
  • Fundraising planning
  • Storytelling
  • Lesson Plan Prep

We prefer students to have training the week before school begins. If this is not possible, then we can work out time for training on an individual basis.  Although on-going informal training will happen, being prepared before working with the students is helpful. The prep training time will depend on the duties, but should not be more than 3- 4 hours.


Population Served:

Interns will be working in a small multi-grade school. The students range from age 5-17. The classes are divided into three groups: K-2, 3-5 and 6-12. It is a multi-cultural group with a little more than half being of hispanic background.  The children vary in academic abilities, however there is a high number struggling.  75% of the students are low-income/ high risk students, some having IEPs.

Community Need:

We are able to give one on one attention to children who so desperately need it.  We strive to create an atmosphere of educational success as to reduce the drop out rate. Often children of lower incomes fail to thrive and become the victims of society.  Our school emphasizes a service attitude and provides on-going opportunities for the students to serve those in even greater need than themselves. Beside challenging them to do well academically, we teach skills that will help them enrich their communities in the future.  Our society breeds selfishness and entitlement.  We need youth who are others-centered and who strive to make the world a better place for all.

Community Impact:

Interns who come to our small, non-profit will not only be helping the staff with its programs and helping the students improve their academic skills, but will be modeling the very thing we are wanting to teach the students. In your acts of service and relationships with the children, you will leave a lasting impresssion that will create a stronger desire for the students to do the same.  These same students will hopefully make a great impact on their society for the good.  

Because most of the students in our school are high risk, we need the extra help in tutoring and giving them other life skills to help ensure their success later on.  Interns will in essence be helping us create more successful, service minded adults for our communities.