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Community Engagement Programs

Teacher's Assistant

Deer Valley Unified School District


Our mission is to provide extraordinary educational experiences to every learner.



About the Internship


Interns will engage in activities that support community outreach serving a population in need. Interns will work directly with a classroom teacher to provide an interactive experience for the students. Duties will vary slightly from classroom to classroom.  However, you can expect that you will be working directly with the children.  This will usually involve reading or be tutoring small groups of children or working individually with a student. 


Population Served:

   Interns will work in Title 1 elementary schools within the Deer Valley Unified School District. All of the teachers in Deer Valley Unified School District set high expectations for our student because every student deserves the opportunity for a great education.

Community Need:

This internship will provide a positive role model and assist students in learning. Interns will provide students with valuable learning experiences through small group instruction. Interns will serve as a role model and mentor to students and show students where they could be (college) if they continue to work hard in the classroom.

Community Impact:

Students will see the example of the intern and that commitment and hard work results in a positive change. You have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the life of a child.