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Community Engagement Programs

Teacher's/Administrator's Aide

Young Disciples Christian Academy


Providing an education program that not only prepares young people for work and college, but teaches them to be others-centered; serving the needy in their community and around the world.


About the Internship


Being a small, non-profit school, we rely heavily on our volunteers. Interns who join us can help the staff out in all areas of school functions. We will need help with the core subjects such as Math, English, Reading, Science and Social Studies. We can use help in the special classes like PE, Music, Art and Foreign Language (Spanish, Sign Language and ESL) And we will need help in the office with phone calls, filing, attendance and fundraising. We will also need help with playground student supervision and building maintenance.

Population Served:

Young Disciples Christian Academy serves students K-10th grade. 80% of the student population are low-income students. The majority come from spanish- speaking homes and 40% are students with learning difficulties.

Community Need:

Young people in our society are growing up entitled. Those without, often feel like victims and those with, feel like they have the right. There is a lot of pain and suffering in our community and we need to teach the youth from early on to have compassion and be the solution instead of part of the problem. They need to be given opportunities to learn how to serve others and see the needs around them. Children coming from impoverished homes, and having learning disabilities often drop out of school and don't reach their full potential. There is a need for smaller schools with more one-on one attention to build long term solid relationships.

Community Impact:

By helping with the day to day duties, the staff and administrator can spend time planning and following through on the projects, programs and outreach activities. The at risk students will have a better opportunity of learning. By helping the school, the interns help give the staff more time and a better chance to reach the goals of their mission.