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Community Engagement Programs

Teaching Assistant

Victory High School


Prepare Students to Succeed in a Changing World.



About the Internship


The service tasks interns will be performing are to work with classroom instructors to tutor students on a one to one or small group environment. Interns  will also help students to prepare for State Assessments.


Population Served:

Victory High School is in the South Mountain Village area. Victory serves students  ages 14-18 and grades 9-12. Currently we have a total of 30 students. The majority of our students are hispanic and low income.

Community Need:

 Community needs that this service will address will be to inspire students to choose education over existence. Unfortunately many of the children in the South Mountain Village area fall victim to drugs, gangs, and violence. Victory emphasis is on students achieving VICTORY over: Ignorance, Illteracy, Degradation, Social Ills, Drugs, Gangs, and Violence. Helping students achieve their goals through education.

Community Impact:

Victory High School is a small charter school. Our students are industrious and eager to learn. By having who desire to help these students in learning and planning a college/career pathway will greatly impact the South Mountain Village community. Currently, South Mountain Village community education statistics, states that out of 200,000 residents, only 39,000 have attained an Associate Degree or higher.