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Community Engagement Programs

Teaching Fellow



Providing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education to low-income schools fusing the art of learning and creation through paint, film and photography.



About the Internship


Help us inject arts into science, technology, engineering, and math education through paint, film, and photography.

Interns will assist stARTem teachers in intervactive art lessons with middle school students.No experience required. We want our interns to be challenged creatively and embrace the process with our students. Some goals of stARTem are to create collaboration and mentorship between students and teachers. We would want our interns to celebrate that goal.  Other duties of interns would also be managing all social media accounts and blog posts. Interns would also join our founder on meetings with other community organizations that are impacting education.  We hope our interns will strive to keep a positive attitude and eagerness to learn in creative ways. 

Population Served:

stARTem serves Title One middle and high schools through out the Maricopa County.  Interns will engage with that same population. 

Community Need:

We serve through out the Maricopa County where the universal need is to inspire communities and students to pursue more in education and career. stARTem wants to influence the community with creative and inspiring approaches.  We don’t just develop artists within our schools, we develop creative problem solvers. Our hope is that our students begin to positively impact their communities. We hope our students lead by example of achieving more in education and career while helping their community find those same avenues.  

Community Impact:

We hope our interns do leave a positive impact on our stARTem students.  stARTem is about inspiring students to think more creatively and gain more confidence in pursuing their dreams. Having college interns within the classroom would only inspire and motivate our students more.  When our students get motivated then we hope that eagerness inspires the community to join a movement of achieving more.