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Community Engagement Programs

Teen Advocate/Counselor/Academic Mentor

IntelliSchool Charter High Schools


The mission of IntelliSchool Charter High Schools is to help students ages 14-22 obtain a high school diploma. Its mission is accomplished through a blended instructional program combining a more



About the Internship


Be a positive force in a young person’s life within your busy schedule.  Mentor at-risk youth in an alternative high school setting, anytime from 8am to 8pm.  Your schedule will vary depending on your goals and student/staff needs. You can boost your resume by participating in some or all of the following:

  • Work and learn with a fun/compassionate staff
  • Tutor and guide students who struggle to stay motivated
  • Get involved in group sessions with a licensed counselor
  • Plan and participate in extracurricular events/field trips
  • Prepare and deliver lesson plans with an experienced teacher
  • Design activities and fund raisers to broaden the horizons of disadvantaged students
  • Work with knowledgeable and friendly supervisors to meet your internship goals
Population Served:

IntelliSchools are a school wide Title I school, working to help students graduate high school or recover high school credits. Students range from ages 14 to 22 years and can be considered at-risk youth or a marginalized demographic. Several of them are affected by social justice and community issues such as a teen pregnancy, learning disabilities, family disruptions, health complications, high-risk drop-out potential, and more. For many of them, they are the first to earn a high school diploma in their family. Despite the various challenges faced, these students have proved to be resilient and successful, especially when caring individuals invest in their development. Be a part of that change!

Community Need:

IntelliSchools can be found in 4 Phoenix Metro Area locations:

  • Chandler (Near downtown Chandler; Arizona Ave. and Warner Rd.)
  • Glendale (2 miles from ASU West; 51st Ave. and Bell Rd.)
  • Metro (Near Metro Center Mall; 35th Ave. and Peoria Rd.)
  • Paradise Valley (Near 51 Hwy and 101; 16th St. and Bell Rd.)

                Typically many of the students are dealing with social issues related to domestic violence, drug use, crime, gang activity, unemployment, health complications, and more. Because of this, many of them have not experienced success in a traditional school setting. That is where the need of schools like IntelliSchool arose. The community needs a school that offers a small school setting that allows for self-paced learning and individualized attention. With the help of Interns, IntelliSchool is able to provide those services. 

Community Impact:

The meaningful impact by interns is long lasting. For many of our students, they are the first in their families to plan for college or even complete high school. The service and assistance provided by ASU interns is valuable because it allows our high school students to interact with college students who know how to navigate the university system. That knowledge is priceless to high school students who consider universities a foreign concept.