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Community Engagement Programs

Teen Dating Violence Education

Kaity's Way


Kaity's Way advocates for healthy teen dating relationship by providing education, skills and toolf for youth and their allies. Kaity’s Way was created in memory of Kaitlyn Marie Sudberry, a vivacious more


About the Internship


Help bring awareness to the issue of teen dating violence and promote healthy relationships via activities aimed at youth and adults. Kaity's way provides education and resource materials to help one avoid or identify an abusive relationship, including a very informative website providing invaluable information to the community such as, warning signs (red flags) of a violent relationship, suggestions for creating a safety plan, how to get and/or give help and the importance of having and maintaining a healthy relationship on various levels.

As an intern with Kaity's you may:

  • assist with workshops/presentations (in which you may have the opportunity to be a presenter)
  • set up and man event booths and resource tables
  • provide phone outreach
  • share Kaity’s story with various organizations, schools, and the general public

We have some set locations in Phoenix and are working on another location in the east valley, yet we provide these services throughout the valley and state. The days of the weeks and times vary as well, and interns will be able to choose a specific section of town they would like to cover.

Population Served:

The targeted audience is teenagers, but all populations are involved, ie. parents, families, schools, etc. Basically anyone that has or will have a teenager in their life. This could be their child, niece/nephew, cousin, sibling, neighbor, student, coworker, patient.

It is important that once a teenager discloses or discusses their relationship with a trusted adult or friend that they are able to determine if the relationship is healthy or not. It is at that critical point that they have the opportunity to help the teenager recognize the unhealthy relationship, consider a safety plan to end the relationship and understand their rights under the law.

Community Need:

The statistics tell us there is an extreme need to bring awareness to the prevalence of Teen Dating Violence.

2013 Study recently released by the American Psychological Association Found…

  • 41% of Females and 37% Males reported experience with adolescent dating violence (ADV).
  • 35% of Females and 29% Males report being a perpetrator
  • 29% of Females and 24% Males report being both a victim and perpetrator.
  • 81% of adults admit they had no idea that teen dating violence was an issue.

From January 2011 through December 2012 Kaity's Way surveyed more than 4000 middle and high school students throughout the state of Arizona. We learned...

  • 47% know or had known someone in an abusive relationship
  • 95% believe more adults should be educated about teen dating violence
  • 98% believe teen dating violence education is needed throughout the community and in our schools
  • 99% believe after hearing Kaity's Story they would be able to identify the warning signs of an abusive relationship

Beyond the statistics there is the normalization of the behavior due to upbringing, outside influences and the lack of understanding of what it takes to have a healthy relationship.

Community Impact:

The intern's impact on the community will come through creating avenues and building relationships to bring awareness to the issue of teen dating violence and promote healthy relationships. They will have the opportunity to share our program with leaders in the public school system, youth organizations, domestic violence and advocacy agencies. Their assitance with presentations and resource tables will allow them to play an intregal part in a societal shift to healthy relationships as the norm.