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Community Engagement Programs

Travis Manion Foundation

Pat Tillman Veterans Center


The mission of the Pat Tillman Veterans Center is to empower and support the veteran and military community in their pursuit of academic and personal success at ASU and beyond.



About the Internship


Carry out Travis Manion Foundation's "Character Does Matter" Curriculum

--Teach character development classes to high school students for the purpose of developing leadership skills that can then be used to perform a service project within their community.

--The "Character Does Matter" curriculum will be delivered in an after-school format on a weekly basis. The program itself lasts from 7-10 weeks + the service project.

--Fundraising is not required for this program. 

--In this role, it will be necessary to maintain a relationship with the Pat Tillman Veterans Center (PTVC), the Travis Manion Foundation (TMF) and a local high school(s). The PTVC and TMF are very-well connected within the veteran/military community which means it is likely/possible to build relationships with other organizations (but not required).

--Outside of the curriculum, it will be necessary to recruit, train and manage numerous volunteers that will also provide the "Character Does Matter" curriculum.


Population Served:

High School student and student veterans

The "Character Does Matter" curriculum can be delivered to a wide range of students, but for this project, it is important to focus on students from a Title I, low income school. It is important to target this population because, historically, this population is underserved when it comes to leadership training.

Community Need:

High School students and student veterans

Local high schools in the Phoenix area do not provide leadership training which means the "Character Does Matter" curriculum fills a gap when it comes to exposing students to what it requires to lead effectively. Once exposed to leadership training, this will hopefully heighten their awareness of opportunities to continue to lead.


Community Impact:

Provide leadership workshops to high school students.

The "Character Does Matter" curriculum places an emphasis on leadership and encourages participants to see/think differently about their ability to serve/lead in their community and amongst peers.