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Community Engagement Programs


Estrella Middle School


Our mission at Estrella Middle School is to provide a quality education that prepares our students to be successful and self-reliant in high school and beyond. more


About the Internship


This position will be an energizing opportuntity for all who are interested in tutoring our middle school students.  We are introducing the Avid program to 20 8th grade students.  We are in the process of teaching Cornell Notes, organizational skills, as well creating tutor groups.  We are excited for to you facilitate and participte in these groups to ensure the students are successful.

Along with ttutoring AVID students for 1 hour Tuesdays and Thursdays, tutors will have the oppurtunity to tutor 7th and 8th grade students during the rest of their time at the school. We have a variety of classes that you can assist in tutoring students. AVID class  is from 1 to 2 on Tuesday and Thursday from 12 to 1, we are happy to have you come before that class and/or stay after it. This is so that we can utlize your skills with the rest of the population of our school while you are on our campus. You will assist them by leading our students in tutorial groups for AVID but for the remaining  hours we will make classes available to you that  you will be interested in participating in as turtors. This is an awesome oppurtunity to observe of a school from within and help a population that is often underserved. We do require finger print cards, but will work with you to start tutoring while awaiting your finger print card.  As a school we are so excited to get ASU students. 

Population Served:

Our school is has a population of approximately 1300 students.  We have 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes. We are predominantly Hispanic and all students participate in free breakfast and lunch. A large percentage of our students have parents who are in prison, and are being raised by other relatives.  Many of our students' parents do not speak English, therefore, our students do not receive academic help at home. 

Community Need:

As previously stated a huge percentage of our population lives in less than ideal circumstances.  Our families have a great need for academic support from the community.  Communication with parents is a daily problem as parents don't have phones or any transporation to school.  As previously stated many of our parents do not speak English.

Community Impact:

Our students are in dire need of meeting ASU students that they can look up to as role models. They need to know they are capable and will have the opportunity to greatly improve their lifestyle not  only for themselves but also the livesof thier families through higher education. ASU studenrs would make a huge impact on all the students they interact with while on out campus.