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Community Engagement Programs

Tutor (abused/neglected children)

Child Crisis Arizona


Child Crisis Arizona is dedicated to preventing child abuse & neglect.  We accomplish this by supporting and strengthening families through education and intervention, providing a safe more



About the Internship


Supervise 1-3 children while they do their homework.  While the children are ultimately responsible for their own assignments, tutors can provide support by helping them understand the instructions, explaining problem areas, reviewing concepts, and keeping the child on task.  This much needed one-on-one attention assures that homework is completed within the time allotted after school.

Population Served:

Tutors will work directly with children residing in our shelter, between the ages of 5 & 11.  These children have been removed from their homes typically due to abuse and neglect.  Because of these experiences, they tend to be behind in school and especially in their reading skills.

Community Need:

Supporting, mentoring and tutoring children with great needs.  Tutors will also indirectly increase the child's self-esteem and confidence.  Prevention and intervention of child abuse and neglect.

Community Impact:

Simply being a positive adult role model children learn there are adults who will follow through on their promises, eventually building trust.  Children also observe an adult who will care for their basic needs and learn to care for others in return.