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Community Engagement Programs

Tutor / Mentor

After the Bell


To partner with schools to stand in the gap to meet the needs of kids in our community.



About the Internship


Interns will engage one-on-one with students developing strong relational ties and assisting with a variety of activities geared toward their interests. Tasks will include preparing and directing activities that are engaging and interactive including crafts, drama, recreational games, etc.. These activities will last approximately 45 minutes in total. Tasks will also include leading a team of student and assisting them in navigating through the daily activities including field trips.

Population Served:

The population this internship serves includes students from kindergarten through 6th grade. Many of these students have engaged with us throughout the course of the school year. Many have low self-esteem when it comes to grades and need extra encouragement. They are also in need of a safe place for the summer when they can engage in exciting activities and improve reading skills.

Community Need:

The students being served are in great need of one-on-one time with an adult who shows concern for them. The students also need to develop an understanding not only of answers to questions academically but of the process by which answers are found.

Community Impact:

Interns will alter the course of children's lives by  communicating worth and granting them access to greater possibilities through greater levels of personal achievement.