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Community Engagement Programs

Tutor / Mentor

MentorKids USA


MentorKids USA, a christian organization, continues to serve at-risk youth in the areas of reading enhancement, leadership development, life skills, spiritual growth, community engagement, and much more



About the Internship


Serve as a positive role model for youth ages 5 to 18: tutor kids with homework and reading, learn plans and positive play activities; teach skills that instill confidence and self esteem including manners, respect, and problem solving; mentor kids to inspire their hearts and minds toward great success. 

Population Served:

Under-priviledged youth ages 5 to 18 in the South Phoenix area.

Community Need:

School and community based After-School Programs in South Phoenix are limited leaving countless kids without a safe and supportive environment to do homework, organized play activities, and focused instruction.  The community has a high percentage of non high school graduates leaving the children with little to no support or assistance. 

Community Impact:

Studies show that school performance, social behavior, self esteem, and attitude improve dramatically when at-risk children attend an effective after-school program. Crime, incarceration, and gang activities are significantly reduced when these young scholars are getting the support they need.