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Community Engagement Programs

Tutor/Mentor (Low-income/Immigrant families)

Dysart Community Center


Dysart Community Center is a special place where children, teens and adults can come together to enhance and improve their lives. A place where people in need have the chance to grow mentally, more



About the Internship


Help low-income youth, adults, and families achieve success and improve their day-to-day lives through various service options: English as a Second Language, GED instruction, After-School/Summer Program, or Citizenship classes. No previous teaching skills are required. Choose the service option(s) that best suit your interests and skills!

Work with children ages 5 to 13 on homework, STEM studies, physical activities and crafts.  Help to develop a supportive atmosphere for learning and fun.  All supplies are provided. Full support and training is given.

Help to teach adults interested in receiving their US Citizenship.  Teach the answers to 110 questions provided by the Department of Homeland Security.  Ten week course covering History, Civic Questions and completing an interview and application form. Duties may include:

  • Preparation of power point presentation
  • Researching interesting supporting presentation materials
  • Working with vocabulary and comprehension

Tutors are placed with one student or in a small group class, the tutor's preference.

  • Using Course curriculum, you will work one to one or in a group with students to help them learn to speak and understand English conversation. 
  • All course materials and support are provided.
  • Practice vocabulary, excercises, games and administer assessments to help improve clients skills.

Attend Interview with Program Director and schedule training and observation time.

Help teens and adults--diiverse individuals who are high school dropouts, adults seeking a high school diploma, students with basic skills deficiencies and other barriers to educational success, incarcerated, first-generation, and/or bi-lingual--to obtain a GED/High School Equivalency Test (HSE/HiSet) Diploma. Duties may include one or more of the following:

  • One-on-one instruction in Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies
  • Customized instruction to meet student need
  • Help improve student critical thinking, problem-solving, information processing and communication skills
Population Served:

Dysart Community Center has served families since 1962.  It is a private non-profit organization serving low-income families in the West Valley Communities.  We have a diverse client base, male and female, predominately Spanish Speaking, but also serve clients from around the world.


Community Need:

We offer services to our clients that are life-changing for our clients:

  • After School and summer school care to protect vulnerable children from being left home alone and to help parents continue employment.
  • Homework support for non English speaking families.
  • Becoming a US citizen will open doors for those new to our country.
  • Reading, writing and speaking the English language is a game-changer for those who come from a non-English speaking background.  You may be the only English-speaking person the client knows!
  • Arizona ranks among one of the lowest in High School Graduation rates in the nation
Community Impact:
  • After School and Summer School programs provide a safe environment to support children's learning as well as giving parents the confidence that their children are looked after while they are working.
  • Relieve the fear felt in the community by non citizens, assist with documents and teach US history and civic affairs, helping this community to strengthen with improved employment aspects and confidence.
  • Many of our clients are isolated because of their language deficit.  Developing their language skills helps our communities to develop opportuntiies for a better life. With the benefit of supportive, patient instruction, clients can gain confidence in their language skills and increase their confidence in job searches, carry out day to day tasks such as bill paying and answering the phone and ordering in restaurants, as well as discussions with employers and schools and become more a part of their communities. 
  • Teens and adults who receive their GED/HSE/HiSet Diploma is more likely to gain employment or conintue with higher education. For many students, it is the first step in the process of  joinig the workforce.