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Community Engagement Programs

Tutor/Mentor (Summer)

America Reads Tutoring Program


America Reads is an afterschool program that provides academic support to K-8th grade children attending Title I schools by matching them with an ASU student-tutor. The program: more



About the Internship


Tutor and mentor children in a structured program as part of a group of 10-25 tutors. Transportation is available between the tutoring site and the Tempe campus. Tutors are assigned 2-3 children and work with them in one-on-one or two-on-one tutoring sessions. Tutors help children with their homework and create and implement fun educational activities in reading, writing and math.Tutors work with the same 2-3 children the entire semester, allowing the formation of a close, mentoring relationship.

This opportunity is great for Education majors or anyone who enjoys working with children.  You have the chance to be creative, be a mentor and help a child become a life long learner!

IMPORTANT NOTES regarding the number of required service hours:

  • USL 210: The available shifts require more than 70 hours per semester. USL 210 students must be willing to put in about 10 extra hours for the semester.
  • USL 410 | 402: The 2-day shift options total about 80 hours. USL 410/402 students will either have to complete an additional 20 hours of service or select the 4-day shift option (totaling about 160 hours) in order to fulfill the USL course service-hour requirement.
Population Served:

Children, ages 5-14, from low-income areas and Title I schools attending summer programs.  

Community Need:

Arizona consistently ranks toward the bottom of the list of all 50 states in K-12 Education and overall child well-being. Children living in low-income areas may not have access to help with homework and out-of-school tutoring to help increase their academic success, this being one of many reasons why low-income students have higher high school drop out rates than their middle and upperclass peers.  These children also have lower rates of attending college and even lower rates for completing college.

Community Impact:

Interns have the chance to work with the same students for about 80+ hours during the course of the semester to help build their literacy and math skills and to ensure academic success.  Because of the one-on-one setting ASU students will become mentors helping to build good character and college-going expectations in their tutees.