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Community Engagement Programs

Homeless Population Support Services

Andre House of Arizona


Andre House is a hospitality center for people experiencing homelessness in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 1985 by two Holy Cross religious from Notre Dame who came to live in the community and more


About the Internship


Make a positive impact on the lives of people who are homeless. Help with any or all of the services we offer, including nonprofit administrative support. Choose the activities that best suit your interests and skills:

  • Distribute clothing
    Help in our clothing closet in which guests can receive a complete change of clothes every two weeks.
  • Soupline
    Preparing, serving and cleaning up after a meal for people who are poor or homeless. We serve between 600-750 meals a night. You will have direct interaction with guests who come to eat at Andre House, passing out or collecting meal tickets or monitoring dining room.
  • Showers
    We have 3 individual shower stalls which our guests can use to bathe in private behind a closed door. Guests can be in the private shower room for 10 minutes. We need someone to monitor the showers: giving people towels & soap as they go in the shower, knocking on the door to let them know when, calling the next person in for the shower, and cleaning up after the showers are finished. We usually provide showers for ~30 people each day.
  • Laundry
    We offer laundry services for guests. They drop their clothes off and we wash, dry, and fold the clothes for our guests to pick them up the same day.
  • Office
    Offers Guests phone, blankets, and other services. Guests can make long distance phone calls with us for free, as well as receive toiletries, blankets or boot vouchers through our office. This can be a busy office with lots of direct interaction with guests. We also provide information about local resources.
  • Nonprofit Administrative Support
    Based on interns skill set, Andre House will develop opportunites in Non Profit Administrative Support. Finance, Development, Volunteer and Communication Department support needed. We ask that any interns who are assigned in these areas spend a certain amount of hours (TBD) in direct service with our homeless guests.
Population Served:

We serve people who are homeless or nearly homeless. As much as they would like to, for one reason or another they cannot make it on their own. We are here to help.

Andre House predominately serves single, adult, homeless individuals.  We serve both men and women.  Our population consists mostly of Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American and Native American Individuals.  We do serve some families at our evening meal as well.  Andre House does not discriminate, we welcome anyone in need of services.

Community Need:

The homeless population of the Phoenix area has drastically increased over the years.  Many people in our neighborhood are homeless living in the shelters nearby. Others are nearly homeless and need help making ends meet.
Most people who come to André House seek food, clothing, shelter or other basic necessities. For some, André House is literally a lifesaver. But the most important service provided is not nearly as tangible as a plate of food or a warm bed. This assistance comes in the form of a listening ear or a companion to share in one's joys and sorrows.

Community Impact:

We always get more than we give when we serve the Lord through serving others.

Our guests who have used our services have thanked us for saving their lives - giving them a place of hope, a place where they feel their dignity respected, and a place where they can get basic needs met. We cannot help everyone, and that is hard. But we can help many make it through another day feeling loved and respected.

We find that when people lose hope, that is when they fall easy prey to acts of violence (either as perpetrator or victim), as well as succumb to addictive behavior. We try to provide a place where hope lives and desperation is defeated. In turn, this creates a better community for all.