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Community Engagement Programs

Visitation Center

Arizonans for Children


Our programs and services are available to all children in Maricopa County from infant to 18 years who are in the custody of Department of Child Safety living in group homes, homeless shelters, more



About the Internship


Be part of a child's visit with his/her parent in our Visitation Centers as families navigate the foster care system/family court! You will receive training to serve in two roles: Visitation Center Host & Visitation Supervisor. You may find one role that compliments your strengths, however we encourage that you learn both roles to maximize your involvement and build your skill set. You will also have opportunities to participate in outreach events, solicit in-kind donations, recruit volunteers, and shadow various staff roles. All USL service learning students will need to be open to working in BOTH centers (Mesa/Phoenix), please consider travel time before reaching out.

You are the face of the Agency welcoming guests into the center. You will primarily greet families, manage sign in/out, help families navigate to find resources/materials throughout the center (game room, snacks, books, playrooms, playground, karaoke equipment, movies, pool sticks/balls, etc)., help ensure center is safe and sanitized, ensure center polices are followed, and create creative hands on activities for families to explore. Overall provide a safe, fun, and enriching atmosphere for families to heal.

Train to supervise visits between a child(ren) and a parent per a court order. This is hands on and requires observation, listening, and writing skills. During supervision, take notes to write a formal report for Arizonans for Children and the Family Court Judge overseeing the case. The report help determines long term decision making regarding visitation or custody for the family. During supervision you are also helping the family navigate through the center and ensure center policies are followed.

Population Served:

One group of guests will include representatives from collaborating agencies using the center to supervise visits between parents and their children currently living in foster care. While children remain in foster care, their parents are able to visit with them in a kid friendly environment with hopes the family reunites no longer requiring the services.

The other group of guests will be court ordered families using the center to have Arizonans for Children supervise the visits due to matters related to issues such as: divorce, custody, substance abuse, mental health or domestic violence. While families work through Family Court, AFC helps facilitate parenting time until the service is no longer needed per the Family Court Judge.

Families from all backgrounds (race, socioeconomic, ages, etc) utilize our centers.

Community Need:

A key part of helping children that have been removed from their homes is helping them maintain contact with their siblings and parents. Without centers like Arizonans for Children, these visits take place in cramped Department of Child Safety offices. An office setting generally increases a child's fear and apprehension while doing nothing to nurture and restore the parent-child relationships. Our centers allow for time to be spent over a meal, in a playroom full of toys, or outside on a playground all under supervision.

Community Impact:

We have a great need for volunteers in two centers. In doing so, you will be making a huge difference in the quality of life for these children while their family rebuilds. AFC offers a variety of ways for committed citizens to make a personal, positive impact in the lives of these foster children. No matter what your commitment level, AFC has an opportunity for you to make difference. Volunteers are the life blood of our organization.