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Community Engagement Programs

VITA Tax Preparation Volunteer

Mesa United Way


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About the Internship


Intern will receive training to be an IRS qualified tax preparer. Qualification at Basic level is required but Advanced is highly desireable. The intern will then work at one or more sites thoughout Mesa on an agreed upon schedule. Interns will prepare taxes in cooperation with and under the direct supervision of the site coordinator. Interns will become certified tax preparers and will gain valuable on-the-ground experience in the field.

Population Served:

Low and medium income individuals and families.  The service sites are all located within the Mesa city limits.  But over 30% of the clients who are served live in surrounding communities.

Community Need:

Last year the Mesa VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program provided tax preparation services to over 3,900 individuals and families at 6 sites in Mesa.    The program has grown by over 10% year-on-year for the last seven years.  The need is evident and there is always more need than volunteers available.

Community Impact:

More members of the community will have their taxes competed and filed legally and accurately then would be otherwise.