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Community Engagement Programs

Vocational Opportunity Facilitator

The Opportunity Tree


To provide quality individualized supports to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in dynamic and innovative environments.



About the Internship


The Vocational Opportunity Facilitator at AFH will have a unique opportunity to create systems, processes and curriculum that will have a long lasting and sustainable impact on the members that we serve.

There are several options for the intern to undertake, with the guidance and assistance from the supervisor an intern may be responsible for:

Creating a curriculum for the CBE (Center Based Employment) Program.  This curriculum would focus on gaining knowledge and skills that encourage appropriate workplace behavior, interview skills, online and in-person application processes, food handling skills and other skills necessary to gain employment.  The intern would be tasked with creating media such as flashcards, digital training tools (video, audio, etc) and booklets under the guidance of the supervisor to create sustainable systems and tools to enhance our Vocational Program.

Creating a digital curriculum to focus on computer skills such as Microsoft Office, Internet exploration and any other relevant computer skills.

Work with DTA Activities Facilitator to implement SNAP curriculum for members that work across program areas.

*The intern will be tasked with creating and/or implementing assessment tools for each curriculum they work on as the need arises*

Reaching out to the community to establish volunteer and training opportunities for our members.  Often times, the most effective way to gain the skills necessary to gain employment require hands on training.  The intern would be tasked with reaching out to local organizations such as; Movie Theaters, Food Banks, Homeless Shelters, Nursing Homes, etc to assess their need and to create an ongoing schedule of opportunities for our members to engage with their community.

Population Served:

Adults with developmental and cognitive disablities, aged 18+.

Community Need:

The Vocational Opportunity Facilitator would be able to enhance our program in important, meaningful and sustainable ways.  A large barrier to independence for the population that AFH serves is a lack of employment opportunities due to a variety of reasons.  Through creating and implementing curriuculum and training materials the intern has the opportunity to create enhance our members lives by encouraging independence. 

Community Impact:

Until fairly recently the population that AFH serves was segregated from society and had little to no opportunities for independence and employment opportunities.  The intern would be a part of a movement in our society that encourages greater integration and independence for the I/DD population in the Phoenix area.