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Community Engagement Programs

Youth Mentor

ICAN - Positive Programs for Youth


ICAN provides free, comprehensive programs that empower youth to be productive, self-confident and responsible members of the community.



About the Internship


ICAN is looking for dedicated volunteers to help with after-school youth programs, field trips, summer programming and special events. Are you interested in helping a five year old with homework, refereeing a soccer game for 12 year olds, playing Human Bowling with 3rd graders or assisting with a special event? As an ICAN Youth Mentor, you will learn about the unique challenges facing low income youth in the Chandler area and positively impact a youth's life through role-modeling and activity engagement. ICAN serves youth ages 5-18. 

All volunteers are required to complete an application packet, a 20 minute interview, 3 online training modules and a Volunteer Orientation (offered 2x/month) prior to the first day of volunteer service.

Population Served:

While ICAN is open to all youth, our services are focused in the 85225 zip code of Chandler, AZ. This zip code has been identified as a very high risk environment. In addition to elevated rates of youth and caregiver substance use/abuse, there are 9 rival gangs in this zip code. 79% of families in this area earn less than $25,000/yr for a family of four; 40% of the adults in the community do not have their high school diploma or GED; 25% of the families are single-parent households; and school drop-out rates for youth are high.  

Community Need:

ICAN is a free, family-centered youth program in the East Valley. We provide a full complement of programs proven effective in helping youth achieve personal and academic success. By uitilizing evidence based programs that tackle substance abuse, gang involvement and juvenile delinquency, we support at-risk children and their families in overcoming the challenges of poverty and at-risk environs.

Community Impact:

Youth Mentors will provide positive role modeling in the areas of respect for self and others, leadership, self-confidence and personal/academic success. Interns will develop and complete Service Goals that directly and positively impact ICAN youth.