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Youth Mentor

College Bound


College Bound shares the journey to college with aspiring underserved students through mentorship, guidance, and support systems for their advancement to a better future.CBAZ is comprised of two more



About the Internship


Student Interns will be asked to work with College Bound staff as we help underrepresented youth achieve the dream of going to college or to a university.  The intern duties will include: conduct outreach at community events; mentor students ages 12-18 to increase college-going aspirations; present lessons at high school workshops; and serve in a College Bound position such as Food Program Volunteer.  The workshops and mentoring help advance junior high and high school students toward their college futures.  Serve as a group leader for College Bound students participating in community service, which could include recognized national days of service.   Interns collaborate with school faculty on projects as project managers.


       Student interns may be asked to attend social events or fundraisers as a means to promote College Bound.

Population Served:

The population served are youth 12-18.  We currently have 30 youth enrolled in the College Bound program.

Community Need:

College Bound was founded in 2010 to assist aspiring under-represented  students achieve their dream of a college education.  It began based upon the experiences a few Mesa seniors who, as first generation students, struggled with the financial and social barriers that made college seem beyond their reach. Statistics place the number of low-income Mesa residents that have achieved their bachelor’s degree at 30%, 15% - 20% less than their more affluent peers..    Our workforce opportunities are in great need of educated students.  Post-secondary education is a necessity for economic stability and quality of life.  Advanced training develops the skills and qualities in our youth to help them be more employable and achieve a brighter future.

Businessmen, educators and community leaders launched College Bound  as a pilot intended to provide college guidance and support systems to other aspiring students.  The timing of the effort coincided with Mesa being one of four communities nationally to receive a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to double the number of college graduates in Mesa by the year 2020.  Mesa United Way, a community resource that organizes support for community needs, also had identified education as one of its areas of concentration and asked College Bound to take the lead in this effort.  College Bound has stepped forward and has helped over 200 high school seniors go on to college.


Community Impact:

The tasks the interns support are activities that directly promote students into college successfully.  Many first generation students are unfamiliar with the colloege-going process, which is addressed in our various workshops.  Students also benefit from connecting with caring adults who are education advocates/mentors.  These coaches help guide students and also hold students accountable for completing the college-going steps.  An intern's presence among students is a powerful role model that may not otherwise be part of the student's experience.  College Bound's success rate is over 90% in previous cohorts tranistioning successfully to college.