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Community Engagement Programs

Youth Mentor

Skate After School


Skate After School is a non-profit that provides after school programs to under-served youth in the form of skateboard instruction. Using refurbished equipment and a team of enthusiastic volunteers, more



About the Internship


Engage kids in a fun and exciting skateboarding after school program. Skateboard experience is helpful but NOT REQUIRED! Duties include setting up and cleaning up equipment, supervising and instructing kids during their skate time, helping build and maintain skateboards and other equipment. You can learn with the kids!

Population Served:

Volunteers will work with kids ranging from grades K-6 in some of Phoenix's under-served communities. Our kids come from very diverse backgrounds.

Community Need:

Our organization aims to serve some of the many kids who lack access to quality after school programs in Phoenix. We provide positive mentorship and instruction to create a safe, fun, and unique experience through skateboarding. The program and equipment comes at absolutely no cost to our kids or their families.

Community Impact:

Our volunteers provide an uplifting and encouraging voice to kids in communities where positive role models are few and far between. We use skateboarding as a way to connect with these kids and become a good influence and encouraging mentors to them while teaching them a brand new skill and encouraging them to be physically active!