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Community Engagement Programs

Arizona Center for Youth Resources


CORE VALUES What we believe about young people and the strategies that will best promote their success informs what we do and how we do it. We believe that: Youth possess important strengths, resources, and skills, and are central actors in their own development; All young people require: a sense of safety and structure belonging and membership self-worth and an ability to contribute independence and control over one’s life closeness and several good relationships competency and mastery Effective youth initiatives connect young people with competent, caring adults who serve as advocates on their behalf, who guide them, and who connect them to the broader institutions of society. Programs that stick tenaciously with young people through the adolescent years can increase the number of youth that successfully transition to the roles required of responsible adulthood; and, youth are best served when programs to educate and guide them are coordinated and complementary.

Service Internships

Special Requirements: Fingerprinting | Background Check | Training

Service Internship Duties City / Map Semesters Offered Special Requirements
Education Support Intern Great opportunity to work with diverse youth 16-24 in educational settings! Populations include students in a charter school, dropout recovery program, and GED programs... read more Phoenix