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Community Engagement Programs

Katy's Kids Preschool at Neighborhood Ministries


Katy's Kids is a preschool that is committed to providing age appropriate early childhood learning experiences through play, observation and investigation. Our goal is to empower the students and parents to meet the social, emotional and learning challenges and demands that they will encounter in school and life. As well as provide support for parents to help their children meet these challenges in a positive way. Our therapeutic, holistic, classroom environment addresses the individual needs of each child. the student and their parents alike. We strive to bridge the gap in students' learning through individualized education for each student. Our program is just the beginning to many years of educational support by Neighborhood Ministries for the student through various opportunities such as Education For Life. At Katy's Kids our hope is that each student discovers his or her true value through their learning experience in our classroom.

Service Internships

Special Requirements: Fingerprinting | Background Check | Training

Service Internship Duties City / Map Semesters Offered Special Requirements
Preschool Teaching Assistant Assist teacher in implementing structured large and small group times centered around language arts, math, science, social emotional development, and physical... read more Phoenix