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Community Engagement Programs

Orchard Community Learning Center


The Orchard is a meeting place where organizations, schools, and families gather to learn, work, and develop relationships, all of which can empower them to tackle some of the most difficult issues facing our community: obesity, lack of civic voice, and poverty. The work of the OCLC is actualized in 3 areas:    •     “Farm to Table” includes all aspects of planning, planting, crop maintenance, and harvesting of citrus, chicken egg production, and vegetables. Families participate in the learning experiences and have access to the harvest. An emerging co-op effort delivers food to our roadside stand, farmers markets, and a small CSA clientele as we grow toward economic sustainability. All food is grown naturally.    •     “Community Conversations” is designed to include community learning, communication, and activist functions in the areas of food and educational justice.     •     “STEAM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) develops programs for students in the Roosevelt School District, including a summer day camp and project based learning experiences during the academic year.

Service Internships

Special Requirements: Fingerprinting | Background Check | Training

Service Internship Duties City / Map Semesters Offered Special Requirements
Farm to Table: Beyond Organic to Community Wellness This internship will be held on-site at the Orchard Community Learning Center (OCLC), Spaces of Opportunity, and one or more Farmers Markets we service. Service tasks... read more Phoenix