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Community Engagement Programs

Step Up Schools Mesa


STEP UP Charter School is a K - 8, Title 1, nonprofit, charter school established in 2012. We exist to offer, primarily to the children of the disadvantaged community in which they live, a high-quality and comprehensive education, rich in all areas of math, science, reading and writing. Additionally, we strive to offer this in a small, safe and nurturing environment. The message conveyed to these students on a daily basis is that the pathway to living a life of possibilities and fulfillment of their dreams is through education. 100% of our population receives free breakfast and free lunch, and all students are offered a free, healthy, after school snack daily. Additionally, every Friday, 50% of our students take home individual bags of food for weekend nourishment.

Service Internships

Special Requirements: Fingerprinting | Background Check | Training

Service Internship Duties City / Map Semesters Offered Special Requirements
At Risk Student Support Learn to support and teach the "whole" child by tutoring youth at Step Up Schools Mesa. Duties include: Analyze Data to determine students that need interventions. Plan... read more Mesa
Training required which may significantly delay start of service hours or which needs to be completed prior to the start of the semester.
Summer Program at Step Up School Help support the regular teachers with students in the following areas: * Science projects * Technology / games * Physical education * Math / math games * Reading Our... read more Mesa