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Community Engagement Programs: America Reads

The ASU America Reads Program provides families with educational resources to engage their K-8 children at home and matches children from low-income communities with an ASU student as their tutor/mentor.

The America Reads Challenge was initiated by President Clinton in 1996 and is a comprehensive, nationwide effort to create in-school, after-school, weekend, and summer tutoring programs in reading. Working to support the efforts of teachers and parents, this Challenge calls on all Americans to form a “citizen army” of volunteer tutors to ensure that every child can read independently by the end of the third grade. The government implements Federal Work-Study funds to staff the America Reads Challenge at universities with college-student tutor/mentors.

The America Reads Program at ASU provides educational resources for families and also partners with local community organizations and Title I schools to provide tutoring and mentoring programs for underserved youth.

Work-Study or Service-Learning Opportunity for Students

ASU students (both undergrad and grad) who have been awarded Federal Work-Study funds may apply for a paid position starting at $13.00/hour, with opportunities for promotion.

Alternatively, students may earn 3-credits by enrolling in a University Service-Learning course and selecting America Reads (or other type of community service) as their service internship.

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Educational Resources for Families & Tutor/Mentor Program Opportunity for Community Partners

For over 20 years, ASU America Reads tutor/mentors have helped improve the academic performance and college-going expectations of hundreds of Phoenix-area children. Local schools and community organizations may take advantage of America Reads tutoring and mentoring programs through a cost-share partnership.

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, America Reads now provides families with interactive activities and videos as well as downloadable resources to engage children while learning at home.

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