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Community Engagement Programs: University Service-Learning

Become a Community Partner

Three easy steps to becoming a USL Community Partner

Before proceeding with the steps below, please carefully review the Community Partner Criteria and Service Internship Criteria.

  1. Create an account on Community Engagement Programs' GivePulse platform and follow the instructions in the welcome email you will receive.
  2. Submit a Student Placement Agreement.
  3. Complete a one-time, virtual USL Orientation Session.
    • Each person who may potentially supervise or place our students must complete online, self-directed orientation.

FALL 2021 Submission Deadline: Sun, Aug 29, 2021
For greatest exposure, submit your internships as far ahead of the semester as possible.

  • Once approved, your service internship will display for students after steps 2 and 3 have been completed.
  • University Service-Learning does not charge a fee for inclusion in the list of approved service internships.
  • We cannot guarantee a specific internship will be selected during any given semester.
  • See the Community Partner Handbook for full partnership details.
Upcoming Semesters

  • Fall 2021 (15 weeks)
    Aug 19 - Dec 3
  • Spring 2022 (15 weeks)
    Jan 10 - Apr 29
  • Summer 2022 (8 weeks)
    May 16 - Jul 8

Thank you so much. We had such a wonderful experience last semester with our service-learning student. She is amazing, we love her! Our only hope is that we secure an intern for this semester. They bring so much joy into our program!”

– Margo Brown, Catholic Charities

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