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Community Engagement Programs: University Service-Learning

Service Internship Criteria

USL students provide consistent weekly service hours throughout
an 8-15 week semester

Through approved service internships, USL students must:

  • engage in activities that support community outreach serving a population in need
  • learn about the Community Partner, its mission, its daily operations, and how their service activities forward the organization’s mission
  • be able to connect the Community Partner’s mission and goals to its impact on the community and social justice issues facing the community
  • engage in direct service activities (interacting with the population served or the public) for at least 60% of required service hours*
  • not be assigned clerical, general office, accounting, bookkeeping, data entry, or administrative assistant-type tasks.
  • engage in appropriate service activities totaling 70 or 100 hours (depending upon course in which student is enrolled), spread throughout the academic semester:
    SPRING mid January – early May approximately 4.5 or 7.5 hours / week
    SUMMER late May – late July approximately 9 or 15 hours / week
    FALL late August – early December approximately 4.5 or 7.5 hours / week

*Due to the pandemic, we have temporarily significantly relaxed our direct service requirement and are encouraging virtual service wherever possible. See USL Courses Service Requirements for details on direct vs. indirect service and prohibited tasks.
See the Community Partner Handbook for full partnership details.
Become a USL Community Partner!

Examples of appropriate service tasks

  • Conduct outreach at community events
  • Teach ESL courses
  • Teach civics and/or citizenship classes
  • Solicit in-kind and monetary donations
  • Call prospective donors
  • Recruit and organize volunteers
  • Serve food at a homeless shelter
  • Advocate for environmental policy change
  • Care for hospice patients and their families
  • Interview small business owners
  • Exercise with physically disabled children
  • Bring theater arts to at-risk youth and senior citizens
  • Educate the public about sex trafficking
  • Facilitate financial education classes
  • Prepare free tax returns for low-income residents
  • Serve as a peer leader for LBGTQA ASU students
  • Work with classroom teacher to create and teach lessons directly to children
  • Tutor academically at-risk children
  • Assist girls in juvenile justice system with online studies
  • Provide in-class assistance for struggling children
  • Mentor children to increase college-going aspirations
  • Lead children in service projects
  • Lead sports/fitness, art, or drama activities
  • Tech coach for women in transition
  • Provide therapeutic horseback riding lessons for special needs groups
  • Conduct parenting and literacy classes for those without a high school diploma
  • Address health and wellness disparities in minority communities
  • Coordinate instrument drives for under-resourced schools
  • Support and coach pregnant teens or abused women
  • Organize activities addressing water sustainability

Thank you for sending interns our way. We can't wait to get a new USL crew! Nickea has been terrific AND Kira is still volunteering since last year!!”

– Tamera Zivic, WHEAT

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