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Community Engagement Programs: America Reads

America Reads


Academic Skill-Building program for K-8th grade children with an ASU tutor

The ASU America Reads Program partners with local schools and community centers to offer tutoring, mentoring, and academic skill-building services to children living in low income areas or attending Title I schools. Children are matched with an ASU student as their academic tutor and college role model. ASU students eligible for Federal Work Study funds may apply for a paid America Reads tutor position or students enrolled in an ASU University Service-Learning (USL) class may select America Reads as their community service placement.

Tutoring Program

Kindergarten through 8th grade children receive one-on-one tutoring with an ASU student, responsible for facilitating interactive educational activities that correspond to Arizona College & Career Readiness Standards in reading, writing, and math. Assistance with homework is also provided.

Middle School Tutoring Program

Middle school-aged children (6th - 8th grade) receive one-on-one tutoring in academic skill-building and homework assistance from their ASU tutor. Tutors also foster life skills development (such as time management and positive decision making), positive self-esteem, job skills, and college-going expectations.

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Your program offers something I am ill-equipped to provide…individual attention. Even your small groups are smaller than mine! I am so very grateful for your program. The school does not provide tutoring for 1st grade and that is where the foundation begins!!!! We have an important job to do!”

– Amy Bruce, 1st grade teacher, Kenilworth Elementary

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