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Community Engagement Programs: University Service-Learning

University Service-Learning: How It Works

University Service-Learning courses consist of two parts: academics & service.

(1) Weekly seminar, readings and reflective writing

Academic coursework helps you process and learn from your service experiences and correlate your service to course content, your program of study, and career goals.

  • See online class catalog for schedule and location of weekly seminar.
  • While scheduling for service hours is flexible, the meeting day/time noted for each section is NOT flexible and students are required to attend all weekly seminar sessions.
  • Online sections are offered in the summer for out-of-town students.
  • This seminar and academic coursework is the basis upon which your grade and course-credit is earned.

(2) Community service

You will arrange your service schedule with your selected Community Partner to complete the required number of hours, spread evenly throughout the semester.

  • USL 210 & USL 216 require 70 service hours
    Fall/Spring: ~5 hrs/week
    Summer: ~10 hrs/week
  • USL 402 & USL 410 require 100 service hours
    Fall/Spring: ~7.5 hrs/week
    Summer: ~15 hrs/week
  • See Selecting a Service Internship


As a USL student-intern you will:

  • Engage in direct service to the community
  • Learn about your selected Community Partner, its mission and daily operations
  • Analyze how the Community Partner makes a positive impact on the community
  • Determine how the Community Partner addresses social justice issues in the community
  • Find your own transportation to and from the service site

How do I enroll?

  • Enroll online as with any ASU course
  • No application necessary
  • USL courses incur regular ASU tuition


What happens after I enroll?

  • A Welcome Announcement containing details on how to set up your service internship will be emailed to enrolled students and posted to Canvas 2-3 weeks prior to the first day of class.
  • This announcement will contain links to instructional videos posted on Canvas.
  • While you should browse through possible service internships before or upon enrolling (see Selecting a Service Internship), do NOT contact Community Partners or set up your service internship prior to receiving the “welcome” email from your instructor.

A big part of college is finding out what interests you and becoming involved. Service-learning offers each of these opportunities. By helping out the students that I tutored, I learned that public service is something that I will continue to enjoy in the future. I also met a bunch of like-minded people who I will definitely be friends with for years to come. Service-learning was probably the most influential experience I have had at ASU!”

– Bryan Canavan, USL student

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